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About Us is an online marketplace where teachers offer educational services.

Our Services

One-on-one tutoring to help students improve their understanding of the subjects, at their own pace.


Non-credits courses are offered to help students catch up, keep up, or get ahead.

Pay-Per-Question (PPQ)

Pay-Per-Question allow students to have their questions answered, papers reviewed, etc.

Teachers & Features

Our teachers are professionals. They’re licensed teachers, retired teachers, currently teaching, etc.

Whiteboard Sharing

Teachers can allow students to write on the virtual classroom's whiteboard in real-time.


Teachers can group students into breakout rooms to increase collaboration.


Teacher and students can send each others public and private messages.


Students can raise their hands or express themseves with emojis.

& Much More

Many many more features, such as webcams, record & playback, etc.